What is Nitric Oxide and How Can it Help You Build Muscle Mass

nitric oxideA lot of health and fitness enthusiasts scour the web to get a hold of the best tools, equipment and supplements to aid them with their goals of becoming fit and healthy. Men in particular take Xtreme NO and similar supplements because of its Nitric Oxide content. Learning the different properties of these kinds of vitamins and minerals or body boosters, like understanding what is Nitric Oxide for instance, can help you with your selection of the best supplements for you.

Why Take Supplements For Fitness Training?

The saying for keeping your body healthy and well through regular diet and exercise has now been long gone. The fact is, the food that people eat today are too insufficient to gather all the necessary vitamins, minerals and other properties that the body is in need of everyday. Today, the best way to stay in shape is through healthy food, properly programmed exercise and supplements like Xtreme NO with Nitric Oxide, whole food vitamins and mineral supplements and so much more.

What is Nitric Oxide: The History

In the early nineties, a discovery was made that won a Nobel Prize for being one of the best discoveries and studies for health and fitness. Such discovery took the health and fitness realm to another level providing men and women building muscles a better understanding of muscle growth. It was first called endothelium derived relaxing factor. Originally thought of as a type of protein, studies began to unravel the functions and true nature of this property.

The endothelium derived relaxing factor proved to have a positive effect for people who want to make their muscles bigger and their bodies stronger. After much research and case studies, EDRF turned out to be what is Nitric Oxide today.

How Can Nitric Oxide Help Build Muscles?

A lot of people are asking, what is Nitric Oxide? While most people won’t really understand the definition, the benefits provided are more than enough. There are a lot of benefits of Nitric Oxide most especially to those who do heavy and vigorous exercise routines. By identifying the main action of what Nitric Oxide does, bodybuilders, both men and women, can truly take advantage of this property including the following:

  • It signals your muscles to respond rapidly according to your form of exercise.
  • It triggers your body to increase or decrease the flow of blood in a particular area of muscle tissues for muscles repair and growth.
  • It signals your body to send the needed amount of oxygen in a specific area when doing weight lifting and vigorous exercises.
  • It acts as a signal to cells to break down glucose for burning carbohydrates and fats.
  • It is used for proper toning of muscles.
  • It pushes muscle velocity, provides you with necessary energy and muscle power for lifting heavier weights.
  • It triggers your cells and muscle tissues to grow to its maximum potential.

What is Nitric Oxide Supplement?

Nitric Oxide muscle building supplements are made with other components that help your muscles grow rapidly in response to your physical training and work out. Different manufacturers provide you with different instructions for dosage. The best way to assess how your body reacts to these food supplements is by introducing it to your body slowly.


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